Product-Market Fit: How 7 startups achieved it

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34% of startups shut down due to lack of product-market fit.

Yet, there's a way to prevent it: turn PMF into your main metric. That's what Superhuman did:

“Reorienting Superhuman around PMF paid off. When we started this journey in the summer of 2017, our product/market fit score was 22%. Within just three quarters of our work to improve the product, the score nearly doubled to 58%.”

It's pointless to try to grow your startup before you've made your way to the point where there's a really strong desire from the market for your product. That's what this eBook will help you achieve.

You'll finish the book...

  • Understanding product-market fit and how does it look like.

  • Being able to measure PMF for your startup.

  • Knowing actionable step-by-step strategies to achieve it.

We've consumed +100 resources about PMF (podcasts, videos, articles) and turned all of our insights into this eBook.

The eBook has 8 chapters.

The first and longest one is about the why, what and how of product-market fit. You'll learn what PMF is, its problematic relationship with growth, where and how to find it, how to know if you've achieved it, and 4 frameworks that work for all kinds of startups at any stage.

The next seven chapters are case studies on how have the following companies achieved PMF: Superhuman, Segment, ClassPass, Intercom, Airbnb, Slack and PayPal.

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+500 copies sold already. This is what people are saying:

"It's been great watching this book come together. I love learning the micro from the macro. And vice versa. Find out why growth efforts are often wasted without product-market fit. And how some of the legends achieved it." - Founder of

"Startups are risky ventures. This is the handbook for founders who want to derisk their startup ideas — before spending years on an idea that could have been validated in days.A no-brainer purchase." - Aadil Razvi, Head of Sales at Demand Curve

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Product-Market Fit: How 7 startups achieved it

7 ratings
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